Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pedals and Petals

     Another shockingly beautiful day!  My original plan when I woke up yesterday was to skip the morning gym sessions and just workout last night after the kids were in bed, a nice Pilate's session or maybe even some yoga.  It was gorgeous out though, so when the girls wanted to go outside and not come back in, how could I refuse them?!?!  The 10 year old busted out her bike start and went riding with 2 of the neighbor kids, which became 3 then 5.  They finally ended up in a heated badminton tournament in my front yard.  Once the hubs was home, I took my little mini me and we hit the streets for our own bike ride. 
     Last year I bought a bike trailer to go with the beautiful new bike my fam got me for Mother's Day.  I was sad last year that the little one didn't seem to like it as much as I had hoped she would.  Well that seems to have all changed.  She hops up into the trailer now with whatever toy of choice (last night was a balloon) and we set off on our pedaling expedition.  I love this time with her.  We are getting some quality Mom and daughter time, enjoying the great outdoors and I get the added bonus of a workout with her seeing the importance of exercise.  It's a win-win!

     After our bike ride, we set to seeing what flowers had started to blossom around our house.  The honeysuckle vines are starting ton get green and climb, can't WAIT to see how they look once they really get going on the pergola.  The viburnum to sprouting little leaves, the hydrangea that we added at the end of the season has gotten lots of growth started on it and the crowning jewel for the 2c year old, the daffodils.  The daffodils are not only up but wide open next to the crocuses, and she loves them.  There was one that had fallen to the side (I think maybe from a badminton mishap) so I let her reach in and pick it.  We had to race it inside to Dadoo to be placed in a glass of water.  I love seeing her explore and discover new things. 
     I am so blessed to have the family I do, and the opportunity to share so many experiences with them.  Here's to spring!
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