Friday, March 30, 2012

Have running shoes, can travel

     I AM SORE!  I am sore in the best possible way.  My husband decided to try the Insanity workout program.  This is hard core.  I have never seen him work so hard.  I am so proud of him.  He has liked it so much too that he has been encouraging me to try it.  So I did.  I got off work early on Wednesday and decided I would go home and do the Fit test portion before picking up the little one from pre-school.  The fit test is only 25 minutes to get your base line, how hard can it be?  I'll tell you, it is HARD!

     There is a reason this workout program is named Insanity!  Here I thought that over the past few months that I had made real progress in my workouts.  I am more tone and lean than I have been in a long time, I am well on my way to my 5K...oh no.  Not after this.  I ended the 25 minute session (yes, 25 short minutes) in a sweaty, panting heap on the floor.  I had started off so strong with my switch kicks knee lefts, only to collapse during the push up version of a jumping jack. 
     I was so sore yesterday that I couldn't bring my self to move...well, not after chasing the lil one around in her gym class for an hour.  Today I did make myself get up and hit the treadmill and put in a few miles which felt great.  Working my muscles actually made them feel better.  Now, six months ago I would have never looked back at this workout program.  I would have accepted my defeat and said it just wasn't for me.  Not anymore.  I took my panting, sweating, pain riddled body as a sign that I need to push harder and try again.  I am eager to do so, but think it will have to wait until Monday.  I know what you may be thinking...I thought this blog was partially about not waiting...not using that as an excuse.  Well, you are right.  But I am pushing this back for a good reason.  We are taking the girls on a weekend surprise getaway;  and despite this workout being DVD based and portable...I think they may be upset if we use the DVD player for workouts instead of the latest Disney flick.
     Don't take that as an excuse though folks.  I have been asking around and seem to be getting a fairly good report on hotel gyms.  The majority of the people I have talked to seem happy with their gym experiences while on the road.  So this girl is packing her running shoes and plans to hit the treadmill while we are gone.  Also, as with all travel that involves the kids, we made sure that our hotel has an indoor we should be okay.

     Do you check the workout opportunities before traveling?  What are some of your "must haves" when on the road for your workouts?

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