Monday, March 12, 2012

Friend Making Monday-Bookworms

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FMM: Bookworms (Revisited) 

How often do you read for pleasure?  Every time I read it is for pleasure, with my commute to and from work though I have become a HUGE fan of the audio book.  I have at least 3-4 on my ipod at all times so that I am never without while en route.  It makes getting through books quicker since I can listen as I drive, walk to and from, sit at my desk if it's slow (don't tell).  I do still enjoy sitting on the couch curled up with an actual book though...there is nothing like it.

Are you currently reading a book?  If so, which one? I just started Running with Scissors by Augusten Burroughs.

It is a fun and quirky read (er listen).  SO far, it reads a lot like a David Sedaris, and I LOVE David we shall see.  I don't think it is going to disappoint though.

Do you subscribe to and magazines/or newspapers?  If so, which ones?  I have a subscriptions to Parents magazine, Everyday Food (by Martha Stewart Living), I had a subscription to Self but it expired.  We also get National Geographic, the Smithsonian, Consumer Reports, Wild Animal Baby (for the 2 year old) and the 10 year old just outgrew her Highlights subscription.  We also get our local newspaper.

Do you prefer reading traditional books or using an e-reader?  I don't have an e-reader, but for practicality sake I must admit my audio books are MUCH easier than toting along books and I can use them virtually anywhere and be very discrete about it. :)  I prefer traditional books though. 

How often do you go to the bookstore?  Not often enough.  I love bookstores, although they have become so over commercialized with coffee chains and knick-knacks, I tend to frequent my local library more often.  Plus, the kids like the library.  They can fill a shopping bag with books faster than anything.

Do you read at the gym?  I do when I can.  At the gym, I am usually with someone and then the chatting starts so not as much there I guess.  It also depends on what I am doing.  If I am in need of a serious run, I need my running tunes...If I am on a stationary bike I can usually listen though.

Have you ever been a member of a book club?  Not officially, but I would love it.  My friend Miranda and I do a back and forth of recommendations online and share thoughts. 

Do you wear glasses when you read?  Only if I have already taken out my contacts, or if it's the AM if I haven't put them in.

Has anyone read the Hunger Games?  If so, would you recommend?  Loved, loved, loved the Hunger Games.  The main story is brutal, but it's a wonderfully written trilogy.  I am actually leaning away from seeing the movie because I don't want it to ruin the imagery I have in my head.

What is your favorite thing about reading?  It's an escape, a vacation for a small price.  Now it's also the added bonus of seeing how my children react to stories as well.  We make reading a priority in our house.  I hope that my girls will feel as strongly as I do about books and literature in general.  I am slightly interested in an e-reader, but can't let go of the smell of books.  I just love them!

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