Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sunshine and Smiles

     Leap year!  Today is February 29 and it was 66 degrees today.  How crazy is that?!?!  With all the sickness that has ravaged out house over the past two weeks it was a welcome change to have a day with sunshine and warmth.  My youngest woke up early with me and I took her to school only to have her break down into hysterical tears and tell me that her tummy hurt.  OH NO!  Since everyone else has had the stomach bug, I panicked, took her home and called off work again this week.  It seems a fitting start to the day as it was chilly and raining at that point.  We came home to Dadoo and the big sis, got into our Minnie Mouse dress, and snuggled. 
     I don't need a reason to snuggle with my kiddos, but it always makes me hold them a little tighter when they aren't at 100%.  That and the recent school shootings, I can't stop hugging them and telling them I love them.  Today was a good day for that.  As the sun came out, and a VERY good nap was had, I could feel the overall tone of the day change.  We got in lots of fun outside time blowing bubbles and riding the trike, and playing soccer.  It was a perfect spring day by the end of the day.
     It was also nice because I got to fit in 2, that's right I said 2 workouts since someones nap was so long.  I can feel the workout in my core as I sit and type this and just feeling that "pain" is making me smile.  Who would have thought that a day that started out so yucky could end so well?  I'm off to have a delicious and nutritious dinner and a fun night with my family. 

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