Friday, February 10, 2012

Free at last

     I can now say that I am "free at last" from the yucky stomach feelings.  In fact, I got up Wednesday morning and ran and then (double header) did Pilates that night before bed!  I also had a great workout this morning to start my day off right, so I am feeling pretty good.  Physically at least.  I dropped a contact lens this morning and didn't realize it until it was too late and it had gone to that crunchy, hard place of no return.  Of course, that was 1 from my last pair...luckily my eye doctor is AWESOME and is hooking me up with a trial pair for the weekend.  All I have to do is schedule my appointment to get a new exam since (naughty me) I am about 3 months past due for that.
     I tried to push myself a little more in my workout today because I'm sure I will go over my calories tonight.  We are having friends over for dinner (3 of our favorite newest friends) and when you are having fun, counting calories seems to slip away.  I feel a little "free at last" with our dinner plans tonight too.  For the past 14 months I have been involved in a very tumultuous friendship where I have often found myself upset and angry.  Two things I don't want or need (especially in the amounts I was feeling them).  My husband and my daughters don't need to have Nasty Negative me around...without going into too much detail, it was basically started to become a one way friendship and I feel like I always caved to make sure she was happy...not thinking of me.  Well, long story short that negative part of my life is over.  I have moved on and am embracing the positive.  Part of that positive is our new friendships!  Looking forward to many good times together!
     Now that I am back on my workout bandwagon...its time to hit the cook books again and start working more magic in the kitchen.  I found a low cal po boy recipe that I want to try, but having never cooked shrimp, am waiting for the hubs to help.  It needs to be grilled so he suggested using the George Foreman since it's awfully cold outside for grilling still. Hoping ours will come out looking this good:

     I am so happy with how 2012 is looking so far.  My husband and I have both really fallen into place with our workout routines (sickness aside) and we are both seeing results.  He is down a shirt size already and I can't feel my thighs rubbing together (as much).  I actually really like the shape my body is starting to take on.  I'm focusing on my happiness, and achieving goals.  I can honestly say I am happy.

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