Friday, February 17, 2012


     TGIF!  Wow, this week has seemed long, so I am looking forward to the break.  I look forward to weekends even more because I know that I can workout at a time when it's good for me.  Right now, I wake up everyday at 5:30 so that three days a week I can hit the gym for my 20-30  minute power sessions and then I work my regular day, pick up the kids, do the dinner/homework thing, activities, bath time, bedtime.  On days when I have enough energy left I get back up and workout to the crunch videos at 9:30 or 10, then collapse into bed to prep for doing it all again.  On the weekends, my oldest is generally busy with friends or just hanging in her room, so while the little one naps I can do a workout ...a mid day workout.  A "no need to sacrifice time with my girls or sleep" workout.  I love this!  I need this.  I am happier after this.  And I must admit, I am addicted to the Crunch videos (see earlier posts).
     Last night I actually got the little one in bed and asleep early enough to start my workout by 9:20.  My hubby was still at work but was due home at any point so I decided to workout in our bedroom so he would have the family room for his P90X when he got home.  I dared the the newest Crunch video on my "must try" list, the Burn and Firm Pilates workout.
     This workout incorporates weight training into a Pilates workout in lieu of reformer machines, etc.  It kicked my butt.  I always think that my upper body is in better shape than it is...this workout humbled me and my arms.  I loved it!  The hubs came home about 2/3 of the way through and I was a sweaty the best way possible.  He changed into his workout wear and left me to my devices.  I felt so good after completing this 48 minute blast that I started up my trusty Crunch stand by, fat blast Pilates and went about half way through that one as well.  About 80 minutes of heart thumping Pilates.  What a night!  Granted then I was up until about 1:00, which was not good, but I felt great.  I even got up and did a 20 minute power session on the stationary bike this morning, and just might do some yoga to unwind after the kids are in bed tonight.  We will see if I can keep my eyes open that long.
     I even said to my husband last night, "If I can keep this up...the counting calories and working out, I just may have the body I've always wanted by summer."  Not only did I say it, but I believe it!  I keep tabs on an old (as in cherished and from a while back in life, not age) friend via social media including her own blog, which is FABULOUS, No Thanks to Cake and she pointed out in a recent post how working out and blogging about it makes you have this sense of guilt.  I've said it before and I'll say it again...IT'S TRUE!  I feel an obligation to you, the readers, to maintain a sense of honesty.  By being honest to you, it forces me to be more honest with myself.  I can't pretend like I didn't eat the three pieces of chocolate from my daughters Valentine's box if I have to write it down, and if I write it in food log, I need to be accepting of it overall here as well.  Thank you...thank you for keeping me honest and motivated.  Now to figure out how to get even MORE readers like you....more accountablility! :)

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