Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Back to it

     What a weekend!  My oldest was scheduled Friday to have a few teeth pulled, by few I mean 3.  That is what we had thought and that is what we prepped her for...when she came out of the office though she had 6 teeth in her "take home" container!  Imagine out surprise.  Apparently the orthodontist and oral surgeon had a conversation based on her x-rays...anyways, good thing I took the while day off of work because she was not up to doing anything.  She rested and watched movies trying to get the anesthesia to wear off.  Since we had taken the little one to pre-school, this gave me a perfect opportunity to go back to the fab new Pilates workout I found.  I am loving this workout!  After just a few days, I can see the results...they are subtle but they are starting.  Being that generally I am someone who wants instant gratification when it comes to workouts/diets, this plan is perfect for me.  I recommend it highly.
    The instructor is peppy, but not annoyingly so, and it's just a lot of fun.  gets your heart pumping and your body moving.  Since I felt so good from this workout, I thought I'd scan netflix to see if there were any others with the same instructor.  It was like a workout gold mine.  I found a bunch (not all are her, but all seem worth checking out).  Just to mix it up a bit on Saturday, I tried a Pilates/Yoga combo workout.  Talk about kicking my butt.  Again, I forgot how long it had been since I had done any yoga and I will NOT let that happen again.  I LOVE yoga!  I even got my hubby to try it, and he has gotten better and better at it.  It helps that it is part of his P90X workout as well.  He even bought himself his own yoga block this weekend.  Very exciting.
     With all this Pilates/Yoga momentum going I was stoked to get up and moving on Sunday...only to be hit with a nasty case of food poisoning.  Yucko cucko!  I felt terrible.  Needless to say, I did not get a workout in either Sunday or Monday.  Monday was almost worse.  I wasn't getting sick anymore, but had all that "post sickness hangover" feelings.  Even today, my head is throbbing still and my tummy is not quite at 100%, but its world better than the past two days.  I am hoping to get in at least a brief workout tonight, maybe check into one of the ten minute workouts, if not...at least I know I will be in the gym tomorrow morning.  I have to make it count.  Gotta get back to it.  That goes for the cooking too...with the sickness and the crazy schedule, I have been neglectful in that department as well.

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