Thursday, January 26, 2012

Wait No More

     So, I thought that using a spin on the phrase, that I could be clever in my blog title.  While I don't want it to completely be focused on my overall health/weight/fitness goals...I still wanted to stress the importance of them.  With my #2 goal having to do with the cooking and baking, I thought hmmmmmmmmmmm I will work on my patience with these goals (wait) and focus on them the most (measurements being me and the food).  Any who, with this in mind, I have started page 2 of this blog where I will be featuring recipes that I have tried (with their success rate) as well as recipes that I plan to try.  What better way to blend my two primary goals for the year but to search and find healthy, lo calorie foods that I can actually cook.  This will come in handy weekends like the one coming up where my poor hubby has to work and the girls and I are on our own for meal prep.
     I am also making this a call to you, the readers, the ones that actually are following these posts, and the ones that stop and check it out for a while then move on...I am looking for your help in building my recipe collection.  Any and all low-cal, healthy recipes are welcome.  I'm trying to start with ones that are on the "easy" level until I get my bearings, but no longer will I be afraid to try something complicated and crazy.  I look forward to hearing from you...wish me luck!

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