Saturday, January 28, 2012


     I am proud to say that my grocery store adventure last night was a success!  Arden and I went in with our list, strayed VERY little (remembering a few items we needed but hadn't written down) and got all the ingredients we needed for me to start my creative adventures in the kitchen.  We came home and unloaded, got our obligatory after school cheese stick, and I set to work.
     I knew that my hubs would be home sooner rather than later last night, so I opted for something from my meal list with a shorter prep time and started in on Tortellini and Zucchini soup (see recipe on Daring to dream in the kitchen tab of this blog).  I have made tortellini soup before, but never this one in particular.  I found it on what is quickly becoming my new favorite website, and it is a low cal version of the soup.  What I really loved about it, is that it is chock full of veggies!  As I have been getting older, I have been finding more and more fruits and veggies that I hated as a kid that I am now falling in love with.  Zucchini for instance.  Never a fan as a kid, but it is now 1 of my personal favs.

in process

     The soup got as thumbs up from both my husband and myself with 1 exception.  while I think I am finally grasping how much salt is enough, I need to learn a little more about fresh herbs.  I had one very rosemaryish soup.  I had some of the leftovers today at lunch, and having it sit overnight seemed to diffuse the rosemary some and made it a little less fragrant while enjoying.  I added a small spring salad to go with the soup for the final product last night.  I was quite happy with how it turned out.
final product

     For tonight I am attempting a crock pot chicken jambalaya recipe I got from the Skinny Ms. Slow Cooker facebook page.  Can't wait to see how it turns out. 
     In other news, I am off to do an at home work out while the little one sleeps, perhaps some Pilate's today...and then I have a few YouTube tutorials to watch on knitting.  Knocking down those resolutions right and left!

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