Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Moooove over and make way for dessert

     I have found my new best friend in this crazy world of calorie counting.  I keep telling my husband (and myself) that I will not let my desire to be more healthy and more fit keep me from eating things that I enjoy.  I just need to take a look at the portion and possibly modify.  Enter the Skinny Cow!
     I love ice cream.  I feel that maybe it should get its own place on the food pyramid.  I was actually scared for a while when I was preggers because they say that many times the food you love the most will become the baby's favorite and that you will lose your love for that particular food.  Well, first and foremost I am happy to say that Arden and I share the same love for ice cream :)  That being said, even in the cold of winter I wanted to be able to enjoy my sweet treat but was worried about the calories.  So, last night my husband tells me there are no "desserts" in the house to pack in my older daughter's (Maddy) lunch, so I volunteer to run up to the closest CVS and pick up some cookies.  While there, as always, I stop to peruse the frozen treat section (to be fair it shares the aisle with the cookies)...and I see this box of deliciousness that is marked low-cal.  I introduce to you, my new BFF, The Skinny Cow...
     This was treat to both my husband and myself last night.  A yummy fudgecicle-like treat with chocolate drizzle for only 100 calories.  That's right people, 100 calories!  Now, I was only shopping at CVS but they had a little bit of variety with their Skinny Cow products which makes me think if I go to a legit grocery store...imagine the selection I may find.  I HATE the grocery store, but am actually kind of looking forward to the next trip.  What OTHER amazing low calorie treats might I find?  I am so proud of myself for maintaining a positive outlook with this whole experience so far.  I have found myself researching recipes and really wanting to try new things!  how quickly this new approach to life is actually changing my life!  Hooray for 2012 and new possibilities!
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