Sunday, January 15, 2012

Lazy Weekend

     Well, I guess I am ashamed to say outside of the up and down the stairs while doing and putting away laundry, I have done not much else in the way of working out since I went to the gym Friday.  IN my defense (somewhat) I did run for 30 minutes and then do an additional 15 on the bike which is more than I do normally.  Don't judge, I'm fitting in workouts as part of my work day so i do what I can.
     BUT while being lazy, I have joined my awesome hubby in his plan of attack...calorie counting.  I know it sounds boring, but I am seeing results already...he is too.  We can compare our stories and be depressed in our low calorie days together. :) 
     To add insult to injury, he researched reading materials and today we went to the library and picked up a copy of Eat this, Not That

     How depressing!  We have been scanning through this while Arden sleeps realizing how foolish we have been in thinking that we were making healthy choices at some of our favorite restaurants by foregoing the ooey gooey pancakes or delish pasta and choosing the "healthy" salad.  What a crock!  Never again my friend, never again.  I will walk into each establishment with book in hand if I must and never be fooled by their esthetically pleasing menu pics of salad...I will enjoy what I want so long as it doesn't destroy my caloric intake for the day.  Oh Calorie King, how you will become the new must have in my bag as I travel doing my day to day errands.  You will help guide me to TRULY healthier choices.  You and my drive to workout and commitment to making 2012 the year of the 5K! 
     With all this compounded guilt and new knowledge about "healthy" foods...I think I will go upstairs and pop in a pilates video.  Thanks really are working.

ps...reader (all 1 of you right now)...dare I take and post measurements to help really force my guilt?!??!  hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
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