Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Monday!

     Happy Monday!  I actually mean it.  I know most people reach the end of their weekends and dread getting back to the grind, and don't get me wrong, I would LOVE to be able to be home everyday with my girls...but the nice things about Mondays (for me at least) is that it gets my butt back on track after a lazy weekend.  That is a benefit to having your boss as your workout buddy! :)
     After a string of days in a row at the gym last week, I didn't feel bad about not making it in on Friday, which was good as I was VERY busy at work (not to mention the only 1 covering the office).  Saturday however, I had no reason for being so lazy.  I was just lazy, lounging my with girls and the hubs most of the day.  We did make an adventure filled trip to the grocery store, but other than that...we just hung out.  So, in my new found workout guilt, I pushed myself through a full hour long P90X workout last night.  I felt GREAT after!  In my sloth like state I was thinking about some of my other goals, the ones that were already set and have realized that I have been spending so much time trying to get the healthier me started, that I haven't done much else yet.  I am not going to get down on myself though.  Getting myself to be retrained mentally and physically is not an overnight fix I know, so I am okay with devoting the better part of January to that goal.  I am happy to say that since starting our calorie counting/regular exercise routine I am down 5 pounds.  Not too shabby for a few weeks work. 
     An old friend also turned me on to an awesome app that I have shared with a few friends now, myfitnesspal, so I started that up last week.  What an amazing and handy way to track my progress.  Much easier than looking everything up in a book and trying to remember to write it down.  Thanks No Thanks to Cake for the tip!
    I'd like to add another goal to my list though, it's to be more spontaneous and creative, especially with my kids.  They are growing up so fast and I want to make sure I make the very most of every minute.  I want them to look back on their childhoods as I do, with love and fondness and a knowledge of how lucky and loved I was (am). 
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