Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Feeling the high

     My oldest daughter had Girl Scouts last night which starts after school with snack time.  Snack time with fifteen 10 years olds means lots of yummy, enticing things like Doritos, cookies, brownies...I think you get my point.  Now for my own two children (yes the little one goes in tow with me pretty much everywhere other than work)...I had fruit bites, baked goldfish crackers and a slice of pizza to split.  This was a true test of wills for me.  The girls in my troop are all so sweet, I think they coud see the drool forming in the corners of my mouth...especially over the Doritos, I love them!  They kept asking if I wanted to share their snacks.  But I held strong.  I was SO hungry too as I did not pack a snack for myself, so I "splurged" and shared a pack of goldfish crackers with the two year old.  Before you start patting me on the back, it gets worse.
     After returning home, I still held strong.  I ate the delicious (and low cal) dinner my dear husband made only to have him remind me of the monkey bread.  Yes, the monkey bread that I so excitedly blogged about a few days ago.  I had all the ingredients now and they were just waiting to be used.  He teased me with an invite to our oldest to see if she wanted to help HIM make the monkey bread.  I knew what this meant.  It meant it was time for action.  RECLAIM THE BAKING THRONE!  So, I took Arden up for bath time after dinner, he cleaned the kitchen, then I came back down and proceeded to make the best darn batch of monkey bread ever (if I do say so myself).  Having never made it before, I was very pleased with the outcome.  The whole house smelled like a Cinnabon.  YUMMY! 

     I did have to try my final product.  I was smart though and had all the information in front of me.  Did I do what I wanted to do and eat an entire 450 calorie serving...NO!  I had a few bites, savored them, shared with the fam, and then boxed up for my husband to take to work today.  Shannon 1, Temptation 0 as far as I can tell.  Then to top of my pride today I started the day with an AWESOME work out.  I fit in 50 minutes of elliptical/walking.  I feel so great right now.  I am actually in the negative for my caloric intake for the maybe, if he forgot to take it, I can indulge in another bite of monkey bread tonight.  We will have to wait and see.
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