Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Biking to no where and every where all at once

     My 10 year old LOVES to ride her bike when the weather is nice.  I remember feeling the same way.  There is something amazing about the wind in your hair and the freedom of just peddling away from the world.  I had forgotten that feeling until she came to me last year with a pleading voice asking me to ride with her.  I was excited that she wanted to have some mother-daughter time, but also stumped as my bike had been stolen (years earlier) from my MIL's garage never to be replaced.  Well, with her pleads and my wonderful husband's joy in making the girls in his life happy, I was treated to a gorgeous new bike for Mother's Day!  As an added treat (to myself), I bought a trailer for my bike to pull my sweet little 2 year old around in as well.  It quickly became a nightly venture, and was an amazing (not to mention healthy) way to spend some QT with my 2 favorite gals.
     Just as we were building up to be ready to take over the park, we traded in our truck and hot a lovely new SUV (of course for mom here), so the idea of packing up 2 bikes and a trailer got sidelined to the neighborhood route.  This initial problem will be resolved by either Easter or Momma's Day this year as I have already put in my request for a bike rack for my car.  Have no fear girls...Momma will get is to those bike trails if it's the last thing I do!
     My 10 year old plays soccer on 2 teams and rides horses once a say she is fiercly in shape is an as part of my new found workout routine (yes people I am saying routine as it is going to remain a constant) I have incorporated biking into the mix.  I still love my running, but have to remember that it has been a while, and I'm not as young as a I used to be so the soreness factor has to be accepted.  While I was allowing my calves to rest and recoup today, I indulged my thighs and butt in a nice 8 mile bike ride at the gym.  I had my workout buddy with me and while going no where....I could see the possibilities of being able to keep up with my kiddo!

                                                      (we will look something like this)
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