Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Weight Off my Mind

Remember this guy...the one that had my heart breaking when he went missing and then 6 weeks later came home again!?!?  This cute little fur ball that I love so much?!?  Well, as of late this guy has been a bit of a stinker.  He LOVES to help Mommy get ready in the morning, so much so that he will stand out side of the bathroom door while I shower and call for me until I let him in.  He then proceeds to chatter away while I dress and get ready (as quickly as  I can due to his loudness).  All seems pretty cute and sweet right?  I mean, I think so, but the hubs...not so much.  After all, I get up at 530am and all this chit chat happens in our bathroom.  when hubs doesn't have to be up until's a touchy subject.  So I have had to rethink my morning routine some, and I have to say...I LOVE what I came up with, let me share.

I have this goal in my head for 2016...this is my year our year, for better health, smarter choices all around.  We are making changes everyday and I am seeing the benefits start to kick in, for example the chatty cat problem has actually been a win win overall.  I have been doing my best to get in at LEAST 30 minutes of cardio everyday.  Yep, that's right, I said EVERY day and it has been working.  I am running 3-4 days a week and have crossed over the 4 mile mark/run.  My distance has increased and I have cut 1 minute off my mile in three weeks.  Woo hoo!  I am also doing the Piyo by Beachbody 5-6 days a week. 

As someone who loves both yoga and Pilates, this workout is PERFECTION! It challenges me, gets a good amount of strength training in, and has enough variety that I can use it as cardio on off days with one of the longer workouts...or like last night do a shorter workout (lower body in 20 minutes, yes please) after a run and it REALLY helps to relax and stretch those tight running muscles. 

Ok, so the morning situation.  Since I get up at 530 NOT to workout but because that's what time I HAVE to get up to get my big girl up and off to school by 7, my workouts happen AFTER work.  Well, if I workout AFTER work, I need to shower after that is what I have been doing.  If I know I have to shower at night, it makes me more apt to do that workout...and if I shower at night, there is no chatty kitty to wake the hubs in the morning.  I lay my clothes out in Mini Me's room the night before (as she snuggles with Dadoo once I am out of bed), and my makeup and hair stuff are all in the downstairs half bath now.  It actually allows me a little more time in the mornings too so I am not as rushed packing lunches and making breakfast. 

The other win out of this is that I have stopped obsessing about the numbers on the scale.  Our scale is in the master bathroom.  I had a habit of getting on it everyday....EVERY day, so each little fluctuation made me crazy.   So with this new routine, I am not near the scale so my on;y weigh in options are the weekends, I am relying on how my clothes fit ans how I feel the rest of the week. This has proven to be a good great thing too as I had been plateaued out for a while, and now with a few new changes (more workouts, so more carbs added back into my eating plan), I broke through and dropped another pound.  What a weight off my mind (and body).

I have also been back to my oil pulling 5 sometimes 6 days a week and I have to teeth are whiter and my skin has a but more glow to's probably a combination of everything, and I love I know this is a plan we can stuck with for a while.

I HAVE added more carbs into my eating, but am making sure I am choosing healthy ones...more nuts and fruit...still avoiding pasta and breads and rices etc. 

So that is where I am right now.  Starting month 2 of 2016 strong and with a plan feels great!!!  Oh and in case you are wondering, this month's challenge is the wall sit challenge.  February is also going to have a GIVEAWAY so make sure you check back!

Friday, January 8, 2016


Oh those crazy holidays.  I tell ya what, they get ya don't they.  Well, at least it feels like they do some what...but looking back on it, I actually wasn't too bad.  I mean, we ate some, didn't even count net carbs, just chilled and enjoyed food...but when I took inventory I didn't do NEARLY as bad as I thought I did.  PLUS I may not of been hitting the gym or working out with a DVD the way I had been, but I was still getting my steps in.  So, bonus.

This year, we all had two weeks off together.  Two weeks of sleeping in, family game nights, little excursions, holiday parties, and just spending days on end in jammies.  I had big plans to blog, but then decided to even break some from technology.  I mean, I updated my facebook page some, but never sat down more than 3-5 minutes at a time...and lets be honest, that is NOT enough time to write a legit blog post. 

So the holidays, in a nutshell, were awesome!  Santa spoiled the girls rotten (as did the parents, grandparents, uncle, and cousins).  We got to see friends fro out of town, friends from years back, spend lots of together was EXACTLY what a break should be.  Family!

We set some goals for the new year together and have already started working towards them.  I am going to aim for a 10K this year, my big girl really wants to improve her fitness score at soccer, so I am working on her to do a 5K with me early in the summer (it has a Princess Dash for Mini Me so should be perfect for all the girls in our house-oh, hubs isn't invited except to cheer because its an all female race), Mini Me is attempting swim lessons again, hubs has agreed to go to the gym with us on steps.  I will take them.  I am also working diligently on getting in AT LEAST 3 workouts a week.  With my eating back on track, I want to see some REAL results.  We are going back t the beach this summer...I want to feel comfortable enough with my body to buy a bathing suit that does NOT have a skirted bottom. 

I have also started a 30 day Thigh Slimming Challenge, I found on Pinterest.

I KNOW my girl Jessica over at The Journey, is not a fan of some of the challenges....but I am hoping to get her blessing on these.  I want to try one each month that is fitness related, and I have found a few non-fitness ones that I am going to throw in there too. 

I am also participating this month in a yoga pose of the day challenge with my friends at Fit Approach.  I am SO happy and blessed to be able to be a #sweatpink ambassador and work with such an amazing group!  So far we have hit tree pose and wheel.  Check my facebook page, instagram page or twitter for updates on THAT fun! 

Oh and in the next few weeks...keep coming back to check in on a giveaway! 

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Meal Enders Review and Giveaway!!

OK friends, have I got something fun to share today.  I have been enjoying Meal Enders lozenges for the past few weeks now, and I have to share.  As a perk to being a Sweat Pink Ambassador, I get to try out all sorts of cool things, and YOU as a reader could win the same perk!

So Meal Enders, they are a stimulant free way to let your body and mind know that you are done eating.  It takes your body up to 20 minutes to realize that you are full, did you know that?  So, when you feel as though you have eaten enough (portion wise...this is where you need to be s,mart), pop one of these babies in as a dessert sub and let them work their magic.

They come in 4 flavors, cinnamon, citrus, chocolate mint and mocha.  The chocolate mint is my personal fav, with cinnamon as a close second.  They are a 2 part treat, as you can let the hard outer coating melt away in your mouth, and then enjoy the chewy center. 

I gave each of my turkey day guests one of these after dinner to allow time for their food to settle in, and we were able to enjoy some conversation before diving into dessert later.  They are a neat and convenient way to help teach yourself your "cut off" point., and now YOU can win a chance to try them for FREE!!

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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Post Holiday Follow Up

Wow is all I can say.  The hubs and I decided that we would take Thanksgiving Day, and only Thanksgiving Day off from our low carb ways and thank goodness we stuck to it!  I loaded my plate with sweet potato casserole, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, dressing, a roll and maybe 3 small pieces of turkey.  Later that evening and for the next few days I felt like that busted can of biscuits, but for about 2 hours after eating....I felt like that biscuit dough waiting for the can to bust.  Mini Me teased me about the "food baby" I had in my belly because I was so bloated and distended after eating.  It was painful and gross.  Talk about your instant regrets.

We are not a Black Friday kind of family.  I hate the idea of rushing out to beat the crowds...but this year my 14 year old went at 2am with her BFF to see what kind of deals they could find.  She bought breakfast.  Only my kid, after years of having my anti-early shopping mentality ingrained into her could go with another teenage girl to the mall on what promises to be the best shopping day of the year and only buy breakfast. 

We have traditionally gotten out our tree and started decorating the house the day after Thanksgiving.  At ;least, that is the tradition the Hubs and I started when we bought our house 10 years ago.  This year was no different except that I usually get tree up and done and then over the course of the next week get the rest of the house done.  We have bins of Christmas stuff which is separate from my bins of winter stuff.  Usually all the Christmas stuff comes out first then after Santa has visited, we swap out the Claus decor and add in more fat, chubby snowmen (my fav) as well as more snowflakes, etc. 

This year upon waking, I felt so gross I wasn't sure that the tree would even get brought up fro the basement.  It was like a hangover...a food hangover from all the crab loaded dishes eaten the night before.  Now, I will say that of the food we ate, only the couple little dessert things were really all that bad for us.  I mean sweet potatoes=good, green beans=good, but the blueberry cheesecake cupcakes...well, they TASTED very good.  I felt slow and bloated and gross and seriously the only way to describe it was as a food hangover. 

I am embarrassed to admit that due to the grossness I felt for basically the whole weekend, I didn't get in any workouts....but I did average between 14-15K steps everyday, which the Hubs reminded me counts as something.  I mean at least I didn't just veg out after feeling to gross.  So how did I score all the steps?  Multiple trips up and down stairs from the basement to the main floor the the second floor and back.  Mini Me is 6 years old now, and she was excited, well, that isn't even a strong enough word to describe it she was over the moon ecstatic at the idea of decorating.  Over the 3 days remaining in the weekend we got the tree up and fully decorated (all on Friday) and got out ALL of the bins, not just Christmas, but all 6 of the large storage bins and emptied them through the house.  We are one wintry Santa loving house right now, and I must say it has brought my attitude back into a good spot.

I think having her holiday cheer while feeling so out of sorts is what got me back on track and moving back towards my goals.  I am happy to say too that the numbers on the scale didn't go up NEARLY as much as I had thought, they did creep up a bit, but not too bad.  And something the long weekend made me more aware of is how little water I drink when I am at home.  I am GREAT about it at work, but not so much at home which explains the grossness too.  So I got an app for my phone called Daily Water, set some alarms on it, and am working toward a minimum of 80 ounces a day EVERY day.   I am getting my workouts back on schedule now that I am feeling better physically and plan to take Christmas by storm.

The best part of our "day off" is it reinforced how much I don't actually miss eating all those carbs.  I feel better, sleep better, look better without all that added sugar and starch i my diet.  I actually don't have any plans of taking another "day off" for a long time.

How are you doing, post holiday?

Friday, November 20, 2015

My Boast Post

Do you remember when Brokeback Mountain came out?  Yeah, I didn't really either and had to look up the date.  It was WAY back in 2005.  I ask because that is the last time I can remember really feeling the way I did this morning.  This whole week actually.  My then boyfriend (now hubby) and I had a date night planned to go see the movie with a couple that we are great friends with and I had bought this pair of jeans from NY&Co (I think they were still Lerner New York then-ha) and I loved them.  I loved them partially because of the super small number in the waistband, and partially because of how good I felt in them.  I felt skinny and sexy and like I was wowing my fella.  I wish I had those jeans still today because I feel like I could maybe get them back on and razzle dazzle again.

Is this too much?  I mean, I feel like when you have these moments where you feel this good about how things are going you should be able to tout off a bit, right?  If you are offended, I'm sorry...but I am feeling pretty good and want to shout it from the rooftops. 

Even on my wedding day, when I had been diligent about my eating and my workouts, and was VERY happy with how I looked in my nice mermaid fit dress, I don't think I felt as happy about how I am looking as I do today.  What makes it so funny is that the number on the scale is higher today then it was on my wedding day, but that has kind of started to lose it's importance.  BREAKTHROUGH, am I right?!?!?!
the happy couple SO many years ago :)

Maybe it's the "gift of age", maybe I really am getting wiser as I get older....I mean I know I am getting grayer hahaha.  Maybe its reaching a point and a maturity where you have a greater acceptance of yourself and your accomplishments, I'm not sure, but whatever it is, I don't want to lose it.  How I am feeling now, is what I want my daughters to see and feel for themselves! 

Is this what a turning point feels like?  I hope so, because this is the "a-ha" moment I have needed, this is the "sign" that what I am doing for myself is what I SHOULD be doing.  I have found myself making sure I make time for me.  I have made my workouts a priority.  I have come to a "happy place" with my eating habits and have grown accustomed to the changes we have made, I even find myself pampering myself a little more.  Here's to keeping the momentum going!

Happy Friday!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Downsizing all Around

I am not a Black Friday shopper.  My mom is, my aunt was, my cousins...but, not me.  To me, the day after Thanksgiving is reserved for cleaning and prepping and getting the holiday decor out.  The cleaning has to happen because I am slightly OCD with decorations so there can't be any proof of where past decor was set in the dust. :)

It's actually one of my favorite days in the year, even though I get grumpy at times.  I love it because my whole little family comes together and does at least a small part.  My hubby gets the tree out and brings it upstairs, my oldest hangs her obligatory ornaments on the tree and then will sneak off to do her own little tree in her room, and my mini me, well she takes charge and helps me throughout the process.  She has actually taken to being in charge of ALL decorating the past few holidays so this will be an interesting year.  As I mentioned I am a bit OCD about things and I like where I pace things year to year...there is a sense of tradition and familiarity to it...min me finds doing the same things over and over boring so we have had some "creative differences" with previous holidays...but I have already kind of decided that she can set it how she wants.  I am going to enjoy the fact that she WANTS to help.  We will put on Christmas music, make hot cocoa and coffee, and set to it.

The other thing I like about the day (well, with this more the weekend) after Turkey Day is the girls have gotten good about purging things from their rooms.  It has started already with my oldest this year, she has cleared out a closet and made her three stacks: keep (and store), donate, garbage.  She literally emptied out one of her two closets with the help of her little sister last week.  Now, truth be told its because she wants a vanity of sorts built in to it as part of her Christmas presents, so it had to happen sooner rather than later.  Seeing big sis do this though, has prompted Mini Me to get started on the process.  Hers is a little more chaotic because she generally (and this year is no different) inherits some of the stuff big sis opts to discard.  So it's clearing out, making space for stuff from sis plus room in case Santa decides she IS on the nice list. ;)

This prompts Mom and Dad t go through their stuff, and we have already cleared out three garbage bags full of clothing and things that were donated for girl scouts at the start of the month.  Now the downsizing continues.

This year, its also SUPER exciting because for the first time in a long time we are actually downsizing ourselves pretty successfully as well going into the holiday season.  We are still enjoying a (very) low carb lifestyle, and I am still very happy with what I am seeing.  In 7 weeks I am down 7 pounds and 4.5 inches.  WHAT!!!  I am SO excited! hubby is down close to 20 pounds, he hasn't done any measurements but based on the fact that there was discussion about needing to add holes to our belts, I KNOW he is feeling the same lack of size that I am.

This is huge.  Like monumentally huge.  At this point in the year, we are usually so defeated that we have reserved ourselves to trying again after the holidays.  This year, we are allowing ourselves Thanksgiving Day to enjoy all the crazy carbs we want, and then back to it starting on Black Friday.  It also is good that I have gotten myself into a nice workout schedule.  I am doing lots of good walking everyday (14K+ steps kind of walking) and am getting in strength/cardio 4 days a week.  Now that the high school soccer season is over, it's freed up a LOT of time and I can use that time to make myself a priority.  We get home on Mondays with enough time fr me to get in a good 45 minutes before the hubs gets home and we start on dinner prep, and on Wednesdays and Fridays, I have nothing but time after dropping Mini Me off at dance.  The tricky one is that 4th workout which is generally on the weekend...and that's just because we have been able to do lots of fun family time, so making sure I work it in is sometimes tricky...but it's happening.  SOMETIMES I even squeeze a 5th workout in on a Tuesday or Thursday night.  I am also making sure I do some squats and standing core work EVERYDAY, usually before bed.

I'm not sure that I can think of a time when I have felt this confident about our eating/workout plan going into the holiday rush.  Santa can bring whatever additions he wants, so long as they support my "subtractions."  Let the downsizing continue!!

Friday, November 13, 2015

Broadening my Horizons

Ok, so I am a bit hesitant to even write this post for a multitude of reasons, the fear behind these next few words is crazy, but...I have been doing great!  WHAT!  Fear?!?!  Yes!  I feel like whenever I get on track with things and TALK about it, that is exactly when I fall off.  So, why take the risk?  because, it needs to be taken.

Hubs and I have been low carbing life for about 6 weeks now.  It was hard at first, but honestly I don't miss the food we used to eat.  As I said in my post Low Carbing and Hemp Heart Winner, the pros outweigh the cons (pun intended).  I am sleeping SO much better (which is actually my fav thing), I am slowly but surely seeing the numbers on the scale drop, my clothes fit SO much better (I even pulled three pairs of pants out of the donation bag as they now fit again), and the most weird...i LOVE checking myself out.  If I see w full length mirror, I'm there.  I like what I am seeing.  I like the way I look in my clothes again, I like when I am working out how the tighter fitting clothes look.  I can SEE results as well as feel them and to me that is the ultimate win! 

So the other scary part of this post is what I am about to say next...only because the ;last time I tried this it was not a great experience, but I feel like I owe it to one of my writing partners in crime, Jessica Williams from The Journey, to give it another shot! Ok, here it goes...I want to try spinning!  Seeing it written out like that as a "major confession" seems silly, but you have no idea.  Well, strike that, maybe you do.

So far I have been working out steadily to my Ellen Barrett DVD collection.  LOVE HER!  I have been doing a nice rotation of her workouts, with the occasional run thrown in there and its been great.  I have been able to do it all from the safe space of my house, by myself...but spinning means going to a gym, taking a class.  Ugh!  I own it on my yoga mat in my room when I am getting my sweat on with Ellen, or hitting the pavement in my neighborhood (running when most aren't even home from work yet)...but this is different.  This is a class.  A class in public.  A class that could be filled with spinning pros and me.  Ugh again I say.  At least I can say proudly that I am a gym member...I was swimming pretty regularly for a while before the girls fall sports started up...that plan is to get back on track too abut again, even though at the gym...more of an individual thing, or fun with the kiddos.

So, I am pretty sure I am going to try it.  Jessica swears by it (wish I could take HER class, but seeing as how she is a few states away).  What is YOUR fav workout class to take?

Monday, November 2, 2015

Bad at Math

Have you ever had one of those moments where you decide how you are going to move forward with a diet or exercise plan and you throw yourself in whole hog without doing ALL the research first.  Well friends, that is me.  Sometimes I get SO excited about starting something new that I am hoping will be the thing that "sticks" the thing that gives me the results I want to see, that I glaze over the details.  I think its one of the things my hubby loves about me, well, I am hoping that it is.  ;)

So we have been "low carbing" at our house for about a month now and are very happy with our results.  I am very excited to share too that once I got over the initial funk of how do I energize my body when I'm not loafing (Freudian) loading up on breads, pastas, chips...etc.  too that I really was able to embrace the results and add in a steady exercise program again too!  I even was mature enough to acknowledge that adding in exercise (especially my weight training) may stall the decline on the scale, but that was OK since I was toning my guns back up!

But then last Friday I had a palette problem.  Nothing tasted right.  My egg salad (made with mayo GROSS not miracle whip) tasted almost Coke zero tasted overly sugary...what was happening!  I had to break down an apple.  WHAT!  Crisis, holy smokes!  Sadly, that was my honest reaction to start.  Apples are not going to help me stay under 20 carbs a day.  Did you just read that?  Under 20 carbs a day. What is wrong with that statement.  Until I went home and started playing with my carb tracker app and realizing the errors of my ways, nothing was wrong with that....but you see I had missed, in my overzealous nature one very important word...NET. 

You see, to get things started, I should be aiming to stay under 20 NET carbs a day.  That is a much different thing then 20 carbs.  How did I miss this?  Alas, accept it and move on with adjustment.  This for some reason made me think...OK, I can REALLY do this and be a little more forgiving.  You see take my nutrition drink I had this morning with breakfast.

Label says 5 under carbs...but that is a bit misleading.  With the low carb approach you have to do arch what I needed to do was:
Total Carbohydrates
- Dietary Fiber
- Sugar alcohol
= Net carbs

Now my nice little drink is a mere 2carbs.  Whoo hoo!  Thank you carb tracker app, and I can't believe I am going to say it...but thank you math!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Low Carbing and Hemp Heart Winner

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First and foremost, CONGRATS to Elizabeth F for winning the hemp hearts giveaway here!  :)  I just KNOW she is going to enjoy them!  Such a fun, nutty addition to any meal.  I found them to be a great way to add extra flavor and protein to my salads especially!

The hemp hearts were a nice way to add that little extra something while beginning my "low carb" lifestyle.  I have to say, when you sit and discuss cutting carbs and think of all the things you will be giving up or cutting way, way, WAY back on its daunting to say the very least.  Bread, pasta, doughnuts, cake, cookies...oh dear.  This wouldn't necessarily be too terrible except we have a tendencies to ALWAYS have doughnuts around at work (my fav), and Mini Me, my aspiring chef loves to BAKE more than anything.  She is planning her initial victory for Cupcake Wars, then to eventually be a star on her own food network show.  She watches episodes of Cupcake Wars on Netflix, and then acts them out.  Then she starts to think about what she is seeing and what she knows she likes and creates her own ideas and is not happy until we see them into fruition.  we signed up to bring cupcakes to the school carnival this weekend which brought about multiple discussions on what type of cupcakes we would be making.  How many 6 year lds weigh the option of ganache over fondant?  Her first cupcake, omne that we had to do  test round on, is Night on Chocolate Mountain(trademark pending).

This is a chocolate cupcake with a dark chocolate filling, a sprinkling of mini chocolate chips in the cupcake itself as well as a topper on the homemade chocolate buttercream frosting.  
Now obviously she is 6 and can't use the oven on her own, but for the most part that is the only thing we are helping with.  She reads the mix boxes, gets out the measuring cups and spoons, assembles her ingredients and gets started.  My favorite part of this test round was when my hubby was helping make the frosting and she was explaining how he needed to be more careful so the buttercream didn't separate. 

Hubs and I did break down and split a cupcake...only half as many carbs in HALF a cupcake right?!?!  And it was SO worth breaking the numbers for that day.  My main rule is, if my kiddo makes something from scratch, I am trying "diet" is more important than her happiness.

OOOhh and bonus, my pants were still loose the next morning. ;)

I have not been missing the carbs as much as I thought I would.  The numbers on the scale are dropping, slowly but surely.  The best thing is how much better my clothes fit and how soundly I sleep.  I think the cutting down on refined carbs (aka sugar) has really done WONDERS for the type and quality of sleep I am now getting.  I wake up refreshed...which hasn't happended in a long time.

I do have energy drops, the past few weeks have been rough, no energy after everything is said and done to go out and exercise too...but this past weekend, I got myself out and got in a couple mile run.  It. Felt. Amazing!!!  So glad I forced myself to do it.  My goal at this point is to continue on a low carb diet and try to get in at least (minimum) 3 workouts a week.  I am seeing (and feeling) my clothes get more and more loose, and my body get smalled in places...time to make sure it is also getting/staying toned!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

What's Happening in Your World (blog link up)

What’s Happening In Your World?

I’d love to see your responses to these questions in the comments or on your own blog (as would Kenlie so be sure to hit her blog up!!!!)

If you decide to answer please let me know, so I can head over and read your responses.

Here’s what’s happening in my world:
  1. What’s the title of the last book you read? I don't get to sit an actually "read" a lot, but I have been finding great joy over the past year or 2 in audio books.  I just finished The Scorch Trials by James Dashner, it's book 2 in the Maze Runner series, and I have book three on hold.  Those first two were pretty good, my fav recent book though I would have to say would be The Book Thief.  I just loved that one.
  2. What is the last thing you cooked at home?The hubs and I are low carbing it right now, so the last thing I cooked at home was my breakfast this morning which was 2 eggs, over easy with a dash of hot sauce.
  3. What is your favorite thing about Fall?I love fall!  It's my favorite season when it plays along.  I love the colors, the cooler temps, the smell of bonfires and crisp air.  I love coffee at night, my puffy vests and boots...I just love it all!!!
  4. Share one thing that challenged you at some point over the last week. My energy levels have been a challenege.  I knew I would have a dip with this low carb diet, so I made sure I had good vitamins and lots of good carbs (veggies and such), but it's been a rough one...especially this week. 
  5. List three hobbies that you actively pursue or want to pursue. Now that the temps are dipping I am back to my knitting looms, I enjoy cooking and trying new recipes, and I have been on an organizational boom lately which makes me happy.
  6. Did you watch the Democratic debate on CNN last week? Nope, we did homework and school fun instead with the kiddos.
  7. Which company do you use for car insurance? I have had Progressive since I got my license 150 years ago.  I have an awesome agent who is the parent of a friend from high school and they take great care of us.  There may be better prices out there, but not better service that's for sure.
  8. Have you started Christmas shopping yet? No.  I am a firm believer that you should not jump ahead on holidays.  It's October so I HAVE gotten a few new Halloween things, and have started looking for a new tablecloth for Turkey Day...but nothing Christmas related happens (shopping, decorating, etc) until after Thanksgiving in our house.
  9. Share three things about the last person you spoke to today. We are in the process of refinancing our house and I just spoke to our mortgage rep.  1) she is a true blessing from God.  She lifts things up to him and prays over them (even when we signed papers she prayed over them at our house), 2)she is a force of positive energy, 3) we are so lucky to have her in our lives and I know we will continue too even after the papers are all signed. :)
  10. Do you remember your dreams? Not usually, unless its something really powerful that I think is trying to relay some sort of message to me.