Monday, April 20, 2015

Time keeps on marchhing

Wow...I can't believe I haven't taken the time to sit and write anything since February.  Shame on me,  right?!?!  It has been a crazy few months of ups and downs and emotions is all I can really say.

First and foremost, my hubby's  back.    We are (finally) successfully two weeks post-op  today.  The difference is amazing.  He was in pain for so  long, and it was heart breaking to watch.  The idea that no matter what  I did,  nothing could make him feel better.  This road was a long one, but amazingly brought us so much closer together.  I would never  wish what he went through on anyone, especially for the length of time that  he was suffering, but honestly...the new appreciation we both have for each other  is beyond  words.

I have always known that he was the driving force behind me, behind being better, stronger, more present in our relationship...but I didn't realize how much it affected me until the past few months.  In my exhaustion of running the kids everywhere...not an exaggeration, it reached the point where being in the car  too long,  or standing/sitting in certain places was unbearable for him so I became the primary chauffeur and errand  runner.   When physical  things needed done around the house, I was the one taking on the majority of the work.  When I would feel defeated or exhausted or at my wits end, I would get a text from him reminding me how much he loved me and how much he appreciated everything I was doing.

He pushed the kids to be more independent to allow time for me to take care of me too.  Squeeze in workouts,  help out with chores, anything and everything.  Now that he is on the mend, the  family mindset has been changed  for  the better.  My 5 year old asked me when we were going for a run the other day.  What?!?!  Amazing!  My thirteen year  old asked to go through and use my workout tapes.  What?!?!  Once we get the okay from the doc, the plan is to renew the whole family 's  membership plan for the rec center and get into a  habit of exercise everyday...for ALL OF US!  I love it!

I have had so many moments over the past few  months where I was so moved by something, or so worried that I thought, I should write about this...but  then when I would sit down to start...fear would take over  my heart.  My biggest  fear being what if something goes wrong.  As the supportive and loving spouse you focus on the positive.  You reassure your husband that things will be great, the light is at the end of the tunnel (not THAT light fear factor), we will take control of  our lives again!  But everywhere I turned there was bad.  Sat to watch Grey's  the week before and two healthy, strong police officer die end  of brain dead from throwing clots in surgery.  Not what I needed to hear right then, people asking a bout the surgery and the look  of fear when they found out how extensive it was going to be...great,  thanks peeps!

Our surgeon is amazing!  He was reassuring, calm and present, it made  me feel better just talking with him before hand.  The kiddos sat with me so patiently in the OR waiting room, along with my parents and my MIL.  Such good girls.  They have really been shining stars through  this  whole thing.

And today,  2 weeks post op, my honey is driving the girls to school.  He cleaned up the garage some yesterday, helped  do  yard work,   walked the Botanical Gardens.  We are  all working on building our endurance again, and we are  doing it as a team!  All  four of us actively  engaged.  We have had moments  like this, but  they have always been fleeting...I think we are finally all on the same page.  We are all focused on the right things.   My 5 year old even wants her own fitbit.  HA  I think we may invest in the kidfit...any thoughts or experiences out there with that.

Today, I am taking a deep breath and being thankful.  I  am thankful for my family,  my health and my blessings. How are you starting over  today?

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

My Fitspiration-an honest look in the mirror

I stumbled across this picture  the other day (as you  may have seen on my facebook page) and honest  to  goodness, my first thought was "I HAVE to blog  about this."  It has been a long time since I have felt that strongly about needing to get my thoughts out and I think this is all part of my overall "acceptance" of things.  I need top keep  moving forward and finding the things that I can own, that I can hold myself to, and these two ah-may-zing blogs I am fortunate to be a part  of,  both Waits and Measure(ments)s and The Journey, allow me to  do that.

I  have challenged myself this  year  to do right by ME.  I took the time (and bravery) to take physical measurements and put them out there to all of you.   Numbers in print that can't be taken back...well, I  mean I could delete the post but we all know once its in cyberspace it is  there forever.  I have been working through the pain in my hip, I have been trying to focus.  The past few months have been hard.   My who-knows-why-my -hip-hurts chronic pain, yep I said  chronic.  Did you know that if you suffer  from pain for  more than six weeks it's considered chronic?  I didn't until my doc told me. My poor husband with his back pain that turns out to be not one but TWO herniated discs and just keeps  plugging away as best  he can.  The winter blues, thee kids activities, life in general.  It's so easy to get bogged down, and that is not  good.  It (at  least for me) leads  to feeling blue  and that  leads to overeating which leads to guilt  which leads to more eating, which ultimately leads to your pants feeling just  THAT much to tight.  I know, I  have been living it.

I was feeling puffy and gross and shameful for allowing myself to get  this way.  How does someone who writes for  not  one but TWO health focused blogs spiral down like  this?  Could you feel my shame,  I mean, I fell off  the face of  the earth with my blogging.  I  wanted to disappear, but I didn't. My family inspired me, as they always seem to do.

When my hubby and I went to see  the kinesiologist  we found the reason for  my hip pain, at least  part of  it...bad foot.  Crazy I know,  but the doc gave me an orthotic insert and I felt relief for  the first time in a long time.  While there, both the hubs and I took a nutrition survey for toxicity.  WOW was I shocked.  I mean, I know that we  don't always eat what we  should, I know that I don't exercise as much as I should...but there is SO much more than that when figuring out why you feel the way you do.  The survey covered topics like: digestion, ears, emotions, energy, weight, head, name a few.  It asked about our risk exposure  ton  things like household chemicals, pesticides, and pets.  Once we finished, after picking my jaw up from the floor, I knew it was time to do something about it.

We took home the detox cleans the doc suggested  and read through what we needed to do and decided to get started.  This was  all before the herniated discs were actually diagnosed...just severe pain for  my poor hubby.  It got to  the point where he  knew after
no  relief came from the AK doc that he  needed to  see  someone how would help with the pain.  With that in mind,  we decided to put the cleans eon the back burner for a few (who wants to  cleanse pain meds out when you feel as   awful as  he does).

Fast forward  a few weeks and we are on the long wait to see  thew spinal surgeon, so meds are in place for a while.  Dear hubby encouraged me to  go ahead  and start  the cleanse, he can always do  later.  So I do...I can't even begin to tell you how much better I felt after just a few days.  The puffiness and bloating I'd been carrying in my midsection is gone.  My hubs even said my face looked less puffy and more sculpted like  it used to.  I  got  complimented at work by someone who said I looked as though I was"glowing".  All of this from detoxing?!?!  I mean, I wont get into the details but my little 5'2 frame was really holding onto a lot of stuff it shouldn't have been.

So as I am progressing, my hubby goes to see  a pain management doc.  The pain management doc is having him  wait on pain blockers until he tries some water therapy...ok, at least  we have something in place now.  I am feeling pretty good at this point but still not getting back on the workout trail.  Do you ever feel guilty for working out when someone else can't?  My  hubby has ALWAYS been my workout buddy.  He pushes me to keep going, keep getting stronger, and with him WANTING to work out and not being able to I felt as though I couldn't or at least shouldn't enjoy those endorphins without him.  And because he knows me so  well, he knew  I was stalling.

He told me that I was NOT to wait  for  him, that if he  was  able he'd be working out everyday, and I know he means it.  So I  hit the mat.  I am aiming high too for just really coming back.  I figure February is a short month so why not try to do SOMETHING everyday.  Whether its walking, a full on cardio or  strength long as  its something!  AND even better, PT has encouraged swimming for the hubs, its supposed to be a great way to  workout with herniated discs s o  he is re-upping the rec membership so he can start to swim and try and get himself back on track and stronger  and more fit wile still dealing with this pain.

Its funny because I have really only been out of my routine for about 6-8 weeks which in the grand scheme isn't a lot, but even with the setbacks I must have been doing something right.  My kiddos (well  the little one at least) actually will sit and watch and CHEER for me as I burn those calories,
and then they hit the mat together too.    They know the importance of it.

the girls  doing a little yoga together :)
So we are moving forward, and finding/making better choices and I feel like there  are  some GREAT things on the horizon for  my  little family!  Feeling fit-spired!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Inching closer to the goal

As we  all trudge forward into another  glorious year, I felt like this picture was a perfect mindset to start off the year.  I wrote a  piece( for The Journey) called Ho-Ho-Hold On that hit on the  New Years Resolution phenomenon..ALL those bodies in the gym...but it was about then that  was about taking those small steps towards the bigger goal.  What a perfectly named site right, The JOURNEY because that IS what it  is all about.

I decided  this year to try something different.  I've talked about accountability, and that is SO  important,  but what have I really put at stake?  What measurable goals have I shared with you? None.  How do you know how I  am doing other than through these fabulous updates?  You don't. How do I really know?  I don't.  and that isn't  you, or to  me.  So this year I am laying it all out there.  

It has been a rough few weeks.  This  hip pain has only gotten worse, so  I am FINALLY going to see another doctor  and see what  we can do.  My hubby is having a similar problem, so there has to be something more to it all then just an overworked hip flexor muscle.  I am excited about our appointments because we are meeting with a very accomplished kinesiologist and will both be getting full work ups...nutrition, blood  work, alignment, everything. It has been hard with all this pain to even walk  sometimes, so I am DEFINITELY not at a happy place on the scale...but  even that doesn't matter.  The goal is to  get there.   The goal is to  see what I am doing to my body and correct  the things that aren't working properly.  

All that being's time to look at hard numbers.  I am a vain person.  I have NEVER  posted numbers like this before,  but I think in order to make it sink in for myself...I need to be as honest as possible with myself...and with you, so  here  it  goes.

As of  this morning, Monday 1/15/15:
Weight: 131 (not since I was preggers have I hit this number)
Bust:  34
Waist: 27
Hips: 38
Thighs: 22

How do I set a goal from here?  Inch wise  I have no idea...less is  better I guess, right?!?!  weight wise, I am at the high end of normal for  my I would like to drop at least 10.  Not a huge amount, but they always say the last 10 are the hardest.    I have my work cut out for me.  I will keep you posted, and will update  the numbers once a month.  I will let you know  what the new doc says too...I am excited to see how my inner workings are doing.  I think I will be in for a shock.  The general stuff is good,  that I  know from having them done in November (cholesterol,  BP, etc), this will go  into things like thyroid and liver function, general nutrition, etc.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014


I have started this blog over and over in the past  few weeks.  Just  trying to really get my thoughts clear, get my head  clear.  Have you ever  felt like that, like you have turned a corner and you are so excited you want to  share it but just can't make it clear?!?!  That is where  I have been living the past  few weeks, and its great, and frustrating all  at once.

I had an epiphany a few weeks before Thanksgiving.  It was the strangest thing.  I was getting dressed for work, something that happens everyday  and usually triggers some sort of negative thought. Something like, that used to be more  tone or that was firmer once upon a time.  So I'm getting dressed and I look in the mirror and I think, pretty good for 37.  Yep,  37...and normally too this would have bothered me but it didn't, it doesn't.  It instead started this while whirlwind of thoughts and feelings.

The day I got  married I was in the best shape of my life, I will never be like that again.  ow here  is where the change happened...I  will never be like that again NOT because I'm lazy or anything like that....I will never be like that again because I am not that person anymore.   I'm not that young, I don't have the amount of free time I had then,  my body isn't the same...I  have been pregnant, I have rounded another decade, so many things...and you know what?  I'm good  with it.  I accept it.  Not only that, I embrace it.

It's true, I will never have the body I had at 21 again, I  will never have the body I had on my wedding day again...and I am so grateful for that fact!   I will never have it again because  I can be better...I can be healthier and stronger.  When I was younger I could workout for hours, I could run everyday unhindered...but now I have to make time for it.  But  you know what, it has made  me healthier overall.  I may have 10-15 pounds more on my frame right now then I would like, but its okay...because (most) of the food choices that got me there are  FAR better then the ones I made when I was hard(er)-bodied twenty-something.  My metabolism isn't what it used to be...but I can work with that, I can push myself harder...and until I get there, if I get there I'm good with how I am right now.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Wow...I'm thinking like a real grown up

t feels as though it has been forever since I posted.  I am not sure where the time goes sometimes.  I have the best of intentions and have so much to share with you,  but then life gets in the way.   Isn't that always how it seems to go?!?!  Well my friends not today.   Today I am making YOU a priority.  Doesn't that sound sweet, I wont lie though…this is only partially for you.  By taking this time, these few moments to update you…I am making time for ME!  Where to begin.
Over the weekend I saw something that scared me, shamed me and disgusted me.  It was the number on the scale  in my bathroom.  Now this post is not going to be a shamefest.  I was  actually more disgusted on the whys of  this number than the number itself.  I know that I don’t always make the best  food choices,  but I am human hear  my stomach roar!   I  also know that I am   not eating every meal from a box or wrapper though.  I don’t always get in the workouts I should, but I have upped my step goal by 2000 steps  a day in the past few months.  I am walking 3-3.5 miles everyday at lunch during the workweek, I am hitting my step goal earlier in the days on the weekends.  I  was coaching soccer and running around with my kiddos 2 days a week…how did this happen?!?!
Before you jump on  the “muscle weighs more than fat” band wagon,  let  me assure you that I am aware of  that and that in this circumstance, it’s not the issue either.  I can see the loss  of tone my laziness has brought on.  But  it has given me reason to  pause.
I am just as bad  as everyone else out there.  I know we all  want to be the person that “doesn't care about what  then pics in the magazines look like” or  the person that can say,  “as long as  I’m healthy I  don’t care  what the number on the scale says.”  I agree.  I am that person to a point.  Where  does that point end…at the number I saw this weekend.  If I was more  secure,  I would share  it  with you…but I know that YOU know that its different for all of us.  We all have a number  that scares us.  One that defines us.  I hit  mine.  i knew what  it was before, so  this was no shock…I just didn't  plan on seeing it again for a long time.
Now, I  have read that after 30 people tend to put on 10 pounds a year after 30.  WHAT!  That wont be me.  I  will defy all odds…well l guess what, I have less than 3  years  to now prove that wrong.  This weekend, I  saw THAT number.   This weekend my eyes opened wide, as wide  as my butt felt. ;)
Is this irreversible?  No of course not.  But I am realizing (slowly and in my own denial riddled way)  that I have to make changes if I want to see changes.  Not  the kind of changes that are  obvious,  eat better/exercise more, but the kind of choices like really monitoring what I put into my body and how it reacts.  I can feel sometimes how foods I have always loved make me feel differently now.   They don’t all agree  with me the  way they used  to…examples you ask?  Gluten and nuts stand out the most.  I’m not  trying to be hip with the gluten,   I can actually see  and feel a difference  in my body when I cut the gluten out though.  I drop a few pounds in just a few days from water.  I can see my belly flatten  out,  it’s just so darn hard to cut gluten all together and without having a legit medical reason too…I get lazy.
I know that I am not alone in this  fight, this journey.  How do you  cope with this?

Friday, September 5, 2014


Hi, my name is Shannon and I have an addiction to the TV show Parenthood on NBC.  I have recently found this  amazing piece on Netflix, and cannot seem to stop  watching it.  I am eagerly awaiting the season premier this year even more then my birthday.  Well, truth be told it's ON my birthday, so it's like NBC's little gift to me.  There.  I  said it.  I openly admit my addiction.

I have found myself emotionally attached  to  these characters, and drawing on their experiences and how things parallel life.  It's such a good show.  It's true to life.  It's made me stop  and really appreciate little things with my family that I may have otherwise not even noticed.  I have actually felt a wave of  calm    wash over me  after watching an episode.  It's like, see, even TV families have a lot of crap to deal with, its not all Norman Rockwell.

One of the things I  find after watching it though is how aware I am of time passing.  My oldest turned 13 yesterday.  She is officially a teenager.  I can't believe  it.  My youngest,  my baby,  my mini me...she started kindergarten last week.  Where has the time gone?  Where is it going? Why do my babies have to  keep getting older and more independent?   I know that is what is best for them,  I really do...but they are my babies.

There was a storyline that I just finished in the show (I won't tell need  for a spoiler alert for  those who intend   to watch)...but it made me really start to think about the things that I want my girls to know  and remember and think and feel and believe.  So here it goes.

My sweet Bayba..

You are  now a teenager.  I can't believe it.  When did this happen?  You were just me sweet little girl yesterday  pressing her  face against the window at daycare crying, begging me not to  leave you there (which made me constantly  late for work-because I couldn't just leave you there).  You were the first person to make me realize just how full of love my heart could really be.  You were my sleep  hating baby at night that would gently lay on my chest and hold my finger as you napped during the day.  You were the first amazing child  in my life to utter  the word  Momma, and make me realize just how special that word really is.  You made me look at my relationship with Mimi (my mom)  in a whole new light.  You make me laugh, you make me cry, you fill me with fear and also hope.  You have grown into a beautiful young woman.  Quiet and reserved,  smart, witty,  funny with your Dad's crazy sense of humor.  You know what is important to you and you protect it fiercely.  You try to be SO independent, but still come and just  hug me or rest  your head on my shoulder so I know you still need  me,   and guess what...I need  you too.   You will always be my first baby.  The first one to fill my heart and make me realize how precious life is and can be,  I have so  many hopes and dreams for you.  You doubt yourself, we  all do,  but you are stronger  than you know and can do anything.  I know all parents tell their children that, but you my sweet girl really can and will.  I am so  proud of the person you are becoming, it's an honor to be your mom.

Oh my sweet, sweet mini me,

I don't even know where  to begin with you.  You are  my soul, my heart.  You and I connect in a way no one else  ever will or will ever truly understand.  You made  me realize that love is bigger and stronger  than anything in this  world.  You spoke  to me even when you were still rolling around and kicking in my belly.  You are me.  I  look into  your big beautiful eyes and see such love reflecting back at me.  You may look like  your  Dadoo, but you my dear, are  all Momma.  You are my perfect angel.  The dream that I wasn't sure would ever come true.  You have taught me so much about myself, and have made me better for it.  You are my sassy, smart, creative, outgoing,  vivacious girl that can't be stopped.  You are as determined  and stubborn as me, you are adamant (Daddy's favorite word to describe Mommy), you know what you want and go after it.  Don't ever lose that!  In a world that  is  so  scary and out of control, you are  my center.  You remind me of what it is all  really about.  Kindergarten.  WOW!   I am still in disbelief that  it is already that time.  You have handled it  all with grace and style, as  I knew  you would.  You are  just starting on this adventure as a "big girl" and I could not be more proud of you.  You will move mountains.  Follow your heart and your dreams always.  I can not wait to see what life has in store for you, whatever it is I just know you will take it all in and make things better, brighter.  You are  a shining star in a dark sky. 

You are sisters.  You are always going to be sisters and connected to  each other.  Support one another, love one another,  celebrate each other, fight, laugh, love, scream, live for each  other.  You are so similar and yet so  different.  Thank  you for  allowing me to  be your mom.  I am honored and blessed by your greatness, and love you more then the moon, and the sun, and alllllllllllll  the stars  in the sky infinity amen.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Wait...there was a wagon?!?!?

Wow...its been almost a full month since my last post, and I have to admit some of my time away was WONDERFUL, some not so wonderful, and some hard but worthwhile.  With all that being said I have SO much too catch you up on. 
First was vacation.  We  have never taken a vacation that wasn't fraught with stress and running around.  We do trips like Disney, Busch Gardens, Washington DC...places  that are  amazing and fun but require a lot of planning and walking and doing.  Now my mini me is a beach junkie.  Not sure where she got it from, but thank God she did.  It's as if she knew in her  little heart and soul what mommy and daddy needed all these years.  She asked us if we could do a beach vacation this year, and after our  one day of ocean time last summer, we  were ready to give it a  try.  Oh. Em. Gee.  The  hubs and I have always, I mean ALWAYS, said we  aren't beach people.  We aren't  interested in a beach vacation, what do  you do  when it rains, how do you not get bored...?!?!  Let me say, I am more than happy to say I was dead wrong about that! 
even the big girl smiled
We decided  to  go to Charleston, SC.  My hubby grew up spending lots of time there as he had family that  lived there for a long time.  We hadn't been in almost 12 years, so  it was time.  It gave us the best of both sides (just in case).   We had a selection of beaches to  choose from, plus it has the historical and beautiful city of Charleston to enjoy.  For the first time ever on vacation, I relaxed.  I mean, sleep through the night into the morning, roll out of bed  for a coffee and get  dressed  in my bathing suit to go straight to  the beach and lay back down relaxed.  It was amazing, no that's not even a strong enough word, it  was magical.  How had we been so against this for so many years.  We played in the sand,  swam in the ocean, laid on the beach and got  tan.  Mini me was SO happy.  My big girl, sat with kindle in hand enjoying time in her beach  chair under the sun umbrella, and the hubs and I  smiled  and breathed in the sweet salty air.


loving the beach with my girls

my sweetie and me

the beach junkie :)
We drove up to Ocean Isle, NC on our last day to see friends at the house they rented for the week.  It was nice to see another beach, but it's just not "our  beach" (which is now the only way my hubby refers to Isle of  Palm).  :)  I just can not even truly put into words how restful, needed, and just perfect it all was.
At the end of an awesome week, my hubby got a message though that his father had lost his battle to cancer.  It  was NOT the news we were expecting or obviously wanted to hear, and my hubby didn't want to take away from the  girls fun so we didn't really discuss it until after we were home.  There is still a lot to process from that,  but all in due time.
We came out of all of that into the start of a new school year.  My big girl started 8th grade, old hat at this whole school situation. 
lil sis  had to get in on the 1st day fun
And then yesterday was the day I had been dreading, excited for, sad, happy...all sorts of  emotions.  My mini me started kindergarten.  I am excited for  her, I really am, but I can't believe she is already at that age.  It goes SO fast.

this face <3

my baby and me
Forgive me for being so absent, but as you can see the past few weeks have been a bit of a roller coaster for  us.  With all this, I can honestly say I have not only fallen off the wagon with my eating and exercising, but I basically forgot there even was a wagon. 
To be fair, our rule is when on vacation,  we vacation!  We don't worry about what we are  eating, we don't worry about working out.  It's one week a year to  just kick it with the kiddos and that is EXACTLY what we did this year.  It's just with everything else that has happened and we  have had to prepare for, it got put on a back burner.  But have no fear, I sent out a search party...found the wagon, and am climbing back on one leg at a  time. 
Do you through the rules away on vacation?

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Not So Golden Arches

My first real job as a teenager was at McDonalds.  I started  as a senior in high school, was quickly promoted to a swing manager and loved it.  Yep, that's right.  I loved my job at the golden arches.  I had an amazing boss, made great friends and despite being there pretty much everyday of the week, I still enjoyed my employee discount on my meals.

Fast forward to 2004 and a  documentary by Morgan Spurlock called Supersize Me.  Have you seen this one?  I don't want to spoil it for you but Spurlock goes on a 30 day all McDonalds diet.  He has to order  everything from the menu at least once, and he has to say yes anytime they ask him to supersize his order.  Guess what?  By the end of the 30 days, he has gained weight, his liver panels are bad, just a host of terrible things. 

Bad McDonalds, right?    Well yes and no in my opinion.  See, as I  see it over the years McDonalds  as  well   as other fast food restaurants has tried  to offer healthier alternatives.  You can get salads, wraps, bottled water, apple slices...and that is where, to me, Spurlock messed up.  Once he made it all the way through their menu, he didn't have to continue ordering the Big Macs or QPC.  He didn't have to get Coke with every meal when bottled water, milk or even diet was available right?  Don't get me wrong, I see what he was  trying to prove, but I was still upset about it.  It's seems easy to pick on McDonalds, its a big one, but don't fool yourself by  choosing another one. 

I know that fast food is the enemy of healthy living, at  least  one of the big ones.  We try our best to avoid it, but sometimes it's just SO easy to fall into that trap.  Take tonight for example.  I  work until 6, the hubs is home re-roofing the garage all day.  he is going to take Mini me and Sissy to Mini's  dance camp  at 6 and go  back to work on the roof some more.  I am leaving work and driving straight to the studio to pick up the girls at the end of camp at 7:00.  By the time we  are  all home it's going to be close to you know how hard it is to drive past those arches at 7:30 and see the sign advertising the $9.99 dinner box?!?!?!  By that time we  are all going to be exhausted and no one will want to make dinner. 

Tonight we will drive past that sign, my girls will ask for the dinner box, and I will firmly and authoritatively say NO!  Not just because of  the fact that it's not good for us, but also now the resurgence of the pink slime.  The what?  Pink slime.  Yep, those words are associated with our food supply.

 Just seeing this and hearing more about the processing of meat and what is ending up not only in restaurants, but on our grocer's shelves and in our school lunches.  I  have never been so  happy that my kids are packers when it comes  to lunch!  Jamie Oliver brought this and the "ammonia wash" to light in his Food Revolution.  If you haven't seen it on youtube yet, check it out here!!

Watching this, hearing this, seeing made me feel angry, helpless, victimized!  Join the Revolution!  Did you know that studies are starting to show that we may outlive our children?  What have we allowed society to do to us?  How  can we make this better? 

With the idea of the cheapest meat being processed and sold to us, and the huge markup on things like much would it really cost these  big name fast food restaurants to switch over  to grass fed, organic beef?  how much money would they lose if they served something to the public that was meant for  human consumption?  Come on big business!!

I loved you Mickey D's.  We made memories, we had some laughs...but I  love my children more.  I  may only be one person, and we may only be one family...but it's a start!  Take a stand! 

You can contact these chains and make your voice heard!   
Burger  King
Taco Bell

Friday, July 25, 2014

Posturizing on Posture

As  I have been getting “back on the wagon” I  have become keenly aware of something…my posture.  I sit at a desk all day working on a computer.  I have been noticing more and more how poor my posture is, and know that I need  to do something about it.  What better way to find the thing that works best for me then by hitting Pinterest and experimenting a little right?!?!

I have to be honest too, part of  my noticing this  was out of pure vanity.  I get  to work early every day so I can walk a little but before hitting the office.  The other day I was walking past the hospital and scoped out my reflection in the window…it was shocking how I was  standing/walking.  I straightened myself up and instantly saw how much better I looked.  Now, I had to do all this while still moving so as not to look like a complete freakazoid…so  what did I do when I  got home?  Stood in front of my mirror in profile checking myself out some more.  (the kids were laughing their butts off)

By the end of  the day, I felt like my profile was more cave woman then business woman.  I mean, wow!  And the difference it made when I took the time (and mental energy) to stand up straight and tall…BAZINGA!   I looked taller (duh), but also my tummy looked flatter, just an overall leaner version of me!  And I’ve got  to say, Momma likey!!
So, as I continue to  gear up for vacation (1 more week), I  am going to experiment with some of  the pins I’ve gotten to see how II can improve my posture.  I mean, the image in my head that I have of how awesome I am going to look walking the beach in SC, tall and lean…well, as tall and lean as my 5’2″ self can :)

Did you know that your little tummy “pouch” could be a result of poor posture?  I didn’t.

I also found out some new things about what kind of negative effects poor posture  can have  on other areas  of your life.  Did  you know  it can deepen depression, cause career problems, even  increase risk of death!  Check out this article  I found on 7 Weird Ways Your Posture Messes With You.  Talk about scary!!

So this week I will be trying a few of these pins out:

3 Simple Stretches  for better posture
The Perfect Posture Workout
Physical Therapy Exercises to Prevent Poor Posture and Neck Pain while Working on the Computer

I know that the best thing I can probably do for this is to just be more aware, but strengthening the right muscles has got  to help  too, right!

How do you stand tall?

Monday, July 14, 2014

Starting fresh

I have used this pic before, but feel like right now it is something I really need to think about.  Its been awhile since I posted....I know.  Life is crazy.  we have been busy with soccer camps, dance camp, vacation planning , holiday, birthdays...whew.    Makes me tired just thinking about it.  in all  that chaos, everything has taken a backseat to the schedule.  Sadly, not my schedule.  The kids are so busy, I thought summer would be a nice down time...HA!  Oh well, no rest for the wicked I guess. 

In all this craziness, I have lost myself a bit.   It wasn't until this past weekend though that I really felt it.  I was flying high last week when I was recognized at CVS by a woman in my neighborhood (who I had never  met) as being "that runner."  WHOA!  I don't think I ever was recognized for  that outside of my days on the track in school.  I was elated!  especially since I haven't been out to pound the pavement in a few weeks...again  schedule, but to be fair also weather, from near 100  degree  days to  tornado inducing storms. 

Anyways fast forward from that fabulous day to Saturday.  We  are leaving for vacation in
 days, exactly 3 weeks from today (not that I am counting or anything).  We  have planned a primarily beach vacation.   This is our first time dedicating so much time to relaxing and our first  beach themed  vacation, so we  are new to the planning process. 

I have a bathing suit that I love.  It fits perfectly,  the colors are fun and bright, but as my hubby pointed is one bathing suit.  One bathing suit for a week  long beach vacation seemed silly.  I mean, I had made sure the girls each had AT LEAST  two suits each to take so they could alternate from day to day...but I can honestly say the thought never occurred to me that I should do the same for myself.  Buying bathing suits has always, I mean ALWAYS, been hard.   It is the only time I truly feel like I could just burst into  tears while shopping.  I start the process feeling like

I find something cute, and "suitable" to me after scouring the racks for  what feels like an eternity, and then I take those slow,  lead filled steps into the dressing room.  I strip off my layer of protective clothing, you know, the stuff that strategically hides and camouflages in all the right spots just as  you planned.  Then I step into one of the new bathing suits, which 9 times out of 10 makes me feel like

This past shopping  excursion I left after trying on 2 suits, with  1 in hand at the check out.  It fit.   That is all I can really say about it.  It fit. the  top is not what I wanted, the colors seemed off, but it fit so I was done with the terror.  We  left the mall and went to one last store.  Ahhhh the feeling of

As we drove to  the last stop of  the day,  my husband asked me why I was being so hard on myself?  Who I was comparing myself to?  This made me stop and think.  Who  AM I comparing myself to?  I was mad because  I had been working so hard since before the new year to get in shape, to look better and stronger...and then I let a few  lazy weeks derail me mentally.  I mean,  I can see  on the scale that the numbers haven't changed.  I can still button all my pants the same way I could a month ago,   but for some reason...just KNOWING how lazy I have been lately with my workouts and not logging my food,  completely changed how I saw myself in the mirror. 

We  walked into the last store and no more then 2 minutes in I  saw a bathing suit that was SO cute.  My hubby was like,  buy it.  This last store was  one of those bulk stores so they don't have fitting rooms,  which was a good thing and a bad  thing.  I took Mini  Me to find out the price on the suit and found another suit I liked just as much.  One was a skirt bottom and one was shorts.  Turned out the price for both was  the same was what I spent on 1 at the last why not.  PLUS I could go home and try it on in the comfort of my house.

My mindset was to try on both and decide which I liked (if either) and return the other PLUS return the first.  I tried on the first one and was shocked.  I. Loved. It.  I mean, I looked good in it.  I paraded, yes paraded  downstairs into the kitchen to show my hubby.  he liked  it too.   back upstairs   and into suit two.  Same thing!  LOVED IT!  Did my parade strut again.  Now,  the great thing is that Mini me helped pick 2 suits in the same  color schemes  so I paraded around 2 more times after changing bottoms with tops to show all four looks.  It was such a different experience. 

Now, don't get me wrong.  I can still see where I have lost a little tone...but that is something I can fix.  I KNOW I have made a few bad food choices lately, but again...I can change and fix that too.   I am feeling better about me again, and that is what counts.

I kept telling myself...sit down and write.  You will feel better if you get it out, but honestly, I couldn't even do that.  I was in such a shame spiral that I didn't want to write.  Didn't feel like I deserved  to have you read the words that would come out.  I sometimes feel like I need  to be happy all the time in my writings and inspire whoever I can whenever I can when I hit that publish button...but realistically...we all have bad days...weeks...maybe even years.  It's how you deal with them and how you move on.

My husband telling me that I was too hard on myself and that I looked good helped me turn a corner.  Sometimes a girl just needs to be reminded of that...and now I'm back.  Going from feeling like a zero to my own personal hero!  We  still have three weeks baby...I  am SO going to rock my bathing suits!  I had a few  bad weeks...I don't have  to start over, I have to start fresh.  Fresh mindset, fresh goals,  fresh love of myself!